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What do you do when your daughter-in-law's due date for your 5th grandbaby is December 24th and they live is Sioux Falls SD? You find a place for your family to 'gather' for the week surrounding Christmas in Sioux Falls SD. 
We were so grateful to find The Gathering Place...what a perfect name for this home away from home. We spent six days making memories there...we made ice-cream, played games, worked puzzles, decorated cookies, made a gingerbread house, made ornaments, made a snow fort (the California grandchildren really loved this), enjoyed many family meals and best of all we were able to celebrate Christmas together in a warm, inviting and enchanting place. I highly recommend the Gathering Place, it has large rooms, the kitchen has everything needed, the radiators dry mittens and socks just like the old days and the owners are kind and gracious...they even shovel snow on Christmas Eve...thank you for the forethought of creating a Gathering Place...it is amazing!

Kim H.

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